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Halloween Safety Tips

3 Ways to Reduce Auto Insurance Premiums

Writing a check for car insurance isn’t your favorite thing in the world.  We get it. . You’d much rather be spending the money on a fancier car, a nice vacation, or that pony the kids keep begging for. Spending your hard-earned money on auto insurance is necessary, but you’re always looking for ways to […]

Annuities for Any Budget

Some people think that annuities are expensive, that you need to have thousands of dollars in the bank to buy into an annuity. While there are some annuities that require a large single payment, Rossbacher Insurance offers many other options that can fit into many budgets:   Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity (FPDA): Think of the […]

Demystifying Life Insurance  Do your eyes start to glaze over whenever anyone starts to talk about life insurance? Term life, whole life, universal life, what does it all mean? And the chances of you ever needing to use it are so low, why bother learning all the jargon? Think again. Life insurance is a crucial […]

My First Accident

Everyone probably remembers their first fender-bender. (I won’t forget mine, I was 16 years old, and on my way home from an indoor soccer game in January.  I was sure the wipers could do a good enough job of cleaning the snow off my van so…. I started the drive home.  On my way out […]

What really makes up Car Insurance Rates?

Demystifying Car Insurance Rates   Have you ever compared your car insurance rate with a friend or family member and found it wildly different—even if you both use the same insurance company? It’s not that your carrier likes one of you better than the other. In fact, the way rates are determined is based on […]

Friend and Foe

Fire is man’s oldest ally — and our oldest enemy. We use it for cooking, for warmth, for electricity and light, but sometimes, it can turn on us. More than 3,500 Americans die every year in house fires, and more than 18,000 are injured. Take the time to protect your family and your home from […]