Our Role and Services

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Our Role and Services

Agents and Brokers

As Independent Agents, we represent a variety of different insurers. We have established relationships, based on mutual trust, with our carriers that enable us to obtain favorable treatment for our customers during the underwriting and pricing consideration process, and risk and claims management processes. Not being captive to just one carrier, we are able to offer a much wider array of products, so we are more likely to be able to provide what is just right for your situation.

As Brokers, we assist customers with developing risk management strategies appropriate to their risk profiles. We work with customers to find out what kinds of risks they regularly encounter, and educate them about what policies are available for each type of risk. We can offer a whole host of insurance products for our customers to consider, or even similar products from different carriers.

Because we analyze our customer’s businesses, we can help determine adequacy of coverage; we can also help determine the most favorable product when multiple options exist.  Often, customers will supplement a regular policy with endorsements or additional policies to fill in exclusions or gaps in the regular policy.

An insurance carrier’s appetite for a specific type of risk can change over time.  We have multiple carrier relationships, and are constantly researching and forging new carrier relationships, in order to ensure the long term best interests of our customers.

Intermediaries between customer and insurance carrier

We think that flexibility is one of the most important characteristics an Agent/Broker can have. Different customers can have varying levels of service-need from their insurance providers. On the other hand, carriers have fairly strict service levels for the resources that they possess. We tend to get more personally involved when customers need support that carriers won’t or can’t provide.

We encourage customers to call us when they need something, but aren’t sure who the proper contact is. If a deliverable is best executed by the carrier, we know the proper contact, and will likely have an established relationship and track record with the individual.

We are also local and involved in the communities that we serve, so establishing relationships with our customers is part of our core function. But establishing relationships with our carriers is equally important. As the primary advocates of our customers, we do our job better for you by elevating issues within the carrier’s organization when needed.

Risk Management Services

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Loss Control Services

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For more details regarding the specific services we typically provide for a particular type of coverage, choose the coverage below: