My First Accident

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Everyone probably remembers their first fender-bender.

(I won’t forget mine, I was 16 years old, and on my way home from an indoor soccer game in January.  I was sure the wipers could do a good enough job of cleaning the snow off my van so…. I started the drive home.  On my way out of the parking lot… I drove through a nice metal gate (which I could not see.) Fortunately, I was driving our families mini van and not a car because I put a nice hole in the hood and not in my head!)

Everyone has a first accident sooner or later…and sometimes the second isn’t far behind. If you have a young driver in your home, those rate increases can get pricey in a hurry. Consider ERIE  Rate LockSM. It’s as simple as can be: your rates don’t increase. Period. No matter how many fender benders, crashes or speeding tickets your teen might get into, your rates won’t inch up even a penny.

Your rates only increase when something changes in your policy—for instance, a new address or adding or subtracting drivers and vehicles from your plan. Otherwise, you won’t be punished because your teen made a rookie driving mistake.

Give Rossbacher Insurance Service a call today at 1-814-664-7744, and let’s talk about how ERIE Rate Lock can help you…and your new driver.


ERIE Rate Lock does not guarantee continued insurance coverage. Insured must meet applicable underwriting guidelines. Premium may change if you make a policy change.

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