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Testimonials from our Customers

“Outstanding customer service and friends to their clients. Rossbacher has made my life simpler by grouping our auto, life, and Renter’s and took the necessary steps to find the best rates for my family and I. The patience, Friendly service and professionalism of Rossbacher agents and staff are exceptional”

— Nicole

“Simply put, Rossbacher saves me time, money and hassle when it comes to insuring my out of -state seasonal property. Their level of attention and communication relative to this “small” policy is impressive.”

— Kelly

“Rossbacher was able to save me money on my auto insurance. With young drivers, their service really helped.”

— Maggie

“Very courteous and professional. Always respond in a timely manner. I am very satisfied.”

— Gary

“J.T. Did a great job providing knowledge and support during my Transition to a new home, New car etc… He realized my personal constraints, and made the process simple and efficient. Awesome Job!”

— Paul

“Rossbacher insurance saved us a substantial amount on our home and auto insurance. They made the transition to a new insurance company easy and painless. Their customer service has been outstanding. We couln’t have asked for a better agent!”

— A Happy Customer

“Very satisfied with alternate methods and policies to save money. Very helpful in sorting our complex service needs… Also good explanations and possibilities for non-profit  boards.”

— Alex

“Thanks for your help in dealing with my accident. It was great to personally speak with an expert to get direction in what I should do and what information I needed to get. I was in contact with you at the scene and all matters were settled. A company representative was on the spot within hours giving me an estimate and getting the ball rolling in getting my car repaired.”

— Bob

“We were shopping to improve our coverage amounts, on both our home owners and auto insurance. J.T. Was very helpful and gave us a quote that doubled and tripled our coverages in some respects but also was about 40% less in policy costs than our current provider. We are very pleased with our policies and the help and support Rossbacher Insurance Provided.”

Joe and Linda

“insure my house, autos and business with Rossbacher Ins. Co. They take the time to make sure you have the correct coverage, so your covered for anything that might to you. I’ve been with them for 30 years and I’ve found the to be competitively priced, always available and they work hard to satisfy you. If I have a problem, I call them up and it’s taken care of. I highly recommend Rossbacher Ins. Co.”

— James

“Many thanks for the super way you handled my latest claim. You have restored my trust in insurance, strengthened my faith and reminded me that honesty is the best policy. God bless each one of you.”

— Paul