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Nicole Crawford – Sewer & Drain Backup versus a Flood Policy

Learn the differences between sewer & drain backup and a flood as Nicole Crawford explains these and which policies they are covered under.

Kim Spence – What to do when you hit a deer

Listen to Kim Spence’s advice on what to do in the situation that you hit a deer.

Brenden Carney – A ‘Certificate of Insurance’ and when you would need it

Hear Brenden Carney explain what a Certificate of Insurance is, when to look for one, and what to look for on it. Call Rossbacher anytime for more information on Certificates of Insurance, and how to protect yourself in case of a loss.

Janet Monn – What to do if you get a chip or crack in your windshield

Listen to Janet Monn’s plan on how to deal with a cracked windshield.

J.T. Colwell – What to do if you are involved in an auto accident

J.T. Colwell gives some great advice on what to do if you’re involved in a car accident. 1. Remain Calm – Call police if needed 2. Gather information – Names – Address – Insurance Information – Vehicle Information 3. Document The Accident – Draw Sketch – Take Photos – Take Notes – Again, call police […]

Harold Fox – How to insure your hunting camps or summer cottages

Hear Harold Fox discuss insuring hunting camps and summer cottages, how to prepare for and what to expect in a coverage policy.

Jeannie Henry – What to do when your child goes to college

Jeannie Henry helps explain what to do when your child goes to college, and how good coverage can protect them against liabilities.

Chad Ellis – The benefits of Renters Insurance

Listen to Chad Ellis discuss the liabilities of renting and the benefits of renters insurance coverage.

Ashley McCauley explains Cost to Rebuild

Listen to Ashley McCauley explain how house insurance coverage is calculated to cover replacement cost and not market value.

Jeannie Henry, Branch Manager

Rossbacher Insurance serves a number of different insurance carriers to assist their customers with both personal and commercial insurance.