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Notice to New York Policyholders

Attention: New York Policyholders As of 4/13/2020 Dear Policyholder, A recent Executive Order issued by Governor Cuomo, together with recent amendments to the insurance and banking regulations (the “regulations”) issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services (“Department”), extend grace periods and give you other rights under certain property/casualty insurance policies if you […]

Tentatively Proposed PA Legislation

This might be some additional good news for small businesses (under 100 employees) across PA regarding business interruption insurance (loss of income). Pennsylvania legislators just introduced PA House Bill 2372; which would require insurance companies to provide business interruption insurance (loss of income) during the COVID down turn. The PA bill (linked below) is similar […]

Brad Allen – How to hire a contractor and best protect yourself

Brad Allen discusses steps on hiring a contractor and how to best protect yourself from liabilities. Look up your contractor reputation, and check with references. All contractors in Pennsylvania are required to be registered. Confirm they are registered by visiting and searching on Make sure that all workers are covered by Worker’s Compensation, or […]

COVID-19 – Financial & Insurance Resources & Updates

CARES Act w/PPP vs EIDL Loans The recent CARES Act Program was signed into effect Friday, but we recognize the volume of information may be a bit overwhelming to consume. Given the importance of the act to you as a business owner, we wanted to share a high level overview of the pertinent points; however […]

Jeannie Henry – Identity Recovery and Fraud Reimbursement coverage

Jeannie Henry discusses Identity Recovery and Fraud Reimbursement coverage on your homeowners policy.

Beth Fox Dean – Medicare and how we can help you anytime in the year

Listen as Beth explains how she is ready to help guide you through managing your medicare and other types of insurance.

Brad Allen – Workers compensation and how it protects both employee and employer

Here Brad Allen discuss workers compensation and how it protects not only the employee, but also the employer.

JT Colwell – If your ATVs and golf carts are covered by your home insurance

Today, JT Colwell discusses if your home insurance policy covers your ATVs and golf carts.

Brenden Carney – The risks of using your own vehicle for plowing driveways and parking lots

Listen as Brenden Carney discusses the risks of using your own vehicle for plowing driveways and parking lots.

Nicole Crawford – Sewer & Drain Backup versus a Flood Policy

Learn the differences between sewer & drain backup and a flood as Nicole Crawford explains these and which policies they are covered under.